IoT Software Solutions Provider MicroEJ Expands to Tackle U.S. Smart Device Market

The European company has had years of success with its solutions that make developing embedded Internet of Things (IoT) software applications much simpler, more efficient and more cost-effective. Amidst an explosion of smart devices, MicroEJ now breaks ground on its new Boston office, where its software suite will accelerate the American smart device market.

BOSTON--The explosion of smart things, such as connected home appliances or fitness and healthcare wearables, comes with equal demand for the software that powers these devices. But this burgeoning production means that the challenges of embedded IoT software development —hardware fragmentation, long iteration cycles, daunting bills of materials, etc.—are rearing their ugly heads now more than ever.

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European company MicroEJ drastically simplifies go-to-market development, with its software solutions that make working on devices easier and reduce both the risk and the time to market for each new product, with fast iterations and prototypes. To meet growing demand in North America, the company now announces formation of its US subsidiary headquartered in the Boston area.

"Millions of devices are running MicroEJ right now," says Fred Rivard, PhD, founder and CEO. "We're operating in many different industries over multi-year contracts which secures our revenue stream. Our clients trust us because our royalty-driven business model only succeeds when they succeed, and on schedule. By establishing operations in North America, MicroEJ gets closer to its customers, and will be able to provide the best support for its solutions on the extensive portfolio of microcontrollers, embedded microprocessors and platforms that we support."

In a move of confidence, Fred announced he permanently moved to Boston to personally oversee the new operations. He expects that 25% of the company's revenue will come from the US after just two years, with staff continuously being added as they grow. While the Boston subsidiary is new, MicroEJ is already closely tied to America through an existing ecosystem of US-based partners. Examples include cloud vendors like Xively, embedded software vendors like Micrium and wolfSSL, and silicon vendors like NXP, Renesas and STMicroelectronics.

MicroEJ has several solutions currently on the market. Among them is MicroEJ OS, an operating system that can be deployed on nearly any 32-bit microprocessor or microcontroller, running a built-in, secure sandbox for multi-language applications, and is designed to be scalable. The MicroEJ SDK is a full set of Eclipse-based tools including a custom IDE, UI design applications and virtual machine tools. And the MicroEJ Store lets developers easily deploy new applications and extensions to existing devices, whether requested by the user or pushed by the publishers themselves, creating de-facto ecosystems around fleets of heterogeneous devices.

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About MicroEJ

MicroEJ provides software and application solutions to enable device manufacturers to deliver cost-effective, scalable IoT products to the smart world. Headquartered in France, with offices in Germany and the United States, MicroEJ offers a full suite of IoT solutions for device software development, application development, data collection, and application deployment. MicroEJ OS, software development tools, and online application store enable large-scale deployments of IoT devices using processors starting at $1. MicroEJ delivers faster time to market, reduced cost of ownership of software, and new revenue opportunities for its customers in markets such as wearables, home appliances, home automation, healthcare, and industrial automation. For more information, please visit

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